Customary Observation

We are used to home. We are used to seeing green fields, gas station stores, and Walmarts at every corner. When we see them, we don't find it odd because it's in our paradigm. Whenever I go to Iran I see another paradigm, one which I find to be a mix of nature and utopia. This is a view of Iran which is rarely shown on television, or media. The people in Iran make the country vibrant and beautiful. This year, as I traveled from the north of Iran (Sari) to the middle parts of Iran (Isfahan) I documented the people and scenery which I saw. It takes a while for someone to get used to this after living and being in somewhere completely different from Iran for such a long time. Each time I go, I must observe details to get used to Iran. These photos are a collection of observations, things my cousin's laughed at me for photographing , but I found insanely interesting.