The University of Walking Around (Intro)

Growth and growing up are not mutually exclusive, but they don’t always happen concurrently.

They’re both the same in some ways.

Slow, usually. Neither are sudden.

Growing up can be sudden, sometimes. Life-changing events happen, perspectives twist.

Both are un-noticeable for a while. You don’t recognize what has happened till you reminisce.

Others recognize growth quickly. They can pick up the subtle changes.

Growth and growing up are tied to change, but nothing extraordinary has to change for either to occur.

The most resounding similarity about both is that you can never tell if either has happened. Am I growing up? Have I grown from a year ago?

Will the words I wrote when I was younger sound like the nags of an idiot when I re-read them, or will they still make sense to me?

Growing up is physical. It’s a shift in responsibility. Through your actions and your circumstance, you can see it best.

It’s when you find something you care about and dedicate yourself to it. It’s the last day of high school when you take one last look at the sticky hallways. It’s the way you wash the dishes every nig

ht and know you have to vacuum your room. It’s turning off the lights in your room at 11 pm. It’s making your own routine. It’s memorizing the routes you take. It’s leaving your roots and living on your own.

Growth is less visible. It’s the way you view things, the way you absorb a situation.

Growth is not tangible, and it varies for everyone, depending on their path in life. It could be not overthinking something you’ve overthought a handful of times already. It’s finding the right words. It could be forcing yourself to open up or knowing when to close off.

It’s accepting your issues and working to resolve them.

In university, growth and growing up are not mutually exclusive and often happen together.

Growth for me started with walking. Not the physical act of taking a step, but taking walks. It made me realize I was growing up.

Nevertheless, I'm still 21, and though a lot more makes sense to me, I'm still foolish.

The Univeristy of Walking Around is about capturing that foolishness and thinking you've grown up. It's meant to be an archive of my university experieince and emotions.

Though they may not be universal, the project is about unearthing my own experiences instead of attempting to forge relatabilityI like recording instances and looking back on them. In the visual archive of my life thus far, my artwork has focused on interactions with others. In this period of growing up and growth, interactions with spaces have become my main source of inspiration. Though there are interactions with people, they're somehow still connected to a location.

This is a messy first draft, but I want to write here to keep myself accountable and to work on this project.

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