Student Graphics Specialist at the Canada Revenue Agency

January 2021-

For the past few months, I've been the graphics specialist for my team at the Canada Revenue Agency.  My job has included a visual rebrand of our team's presentations, creating animations, and Wiki reconfiguration.


Graphics at the Charlatan 

September 2019- April 2022

Both as a volunteer and as the graphics editor (February 2020-April 2021) I have contributed over 100 illustrations for the Charlatan, Carleton University's student newspaper. These graphics cover a variety of topics from sports to relationships to news. In 2021, two graphics recieved awards and recognition. 

Love from afar

Company of Fools, Summer 2020

In the Summer of 2020, I worked in collaboration with Nicholas Leno and Sarah Finn to create a video comic book of their production, "Love From Afar". This Shakespearean mashup, created to highlight the importance of sharing love during the pandemic was performed to retirement homes across the city. As the general audience wasn't able to see this play, I created a visual version based on Leno and Finn's vision