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Sara Mizannojehdehi

Multimedia Storyteller


Sara Mizannojehdehi is a multimedia storyteller with experience in project management, editorial work, and illustration.

Currently finishing the last year of her undergraduate degree in Media Production and Design at Carleton University, Sara is looking to pursue digital storytelling after graduation. Combining instructional narratives and digital media, Sara hopes to pursue the crossroads of educational technology, visual journalism, and editorial art direction.

Within multimedia, Sara's expertise is in digital illustration, acrylic painting and 2D animation. Sara's self-taught background makes for a distinctive, detailed and eye-catching style that she carries regardless of the medium she uses.

Beyond that, Sara has experience with graphic design, video, photography, data storytelling, and audio.

Outside of digital storytelling, Sara is a certified Scrum Master with a background of working in a Scrum team and project management for over two years. Within this time, Sara has organized events, led initiatives and worked on standardizing accessibility practices within her team.  

Throughout the past four years, Sara has pursued a minor in German and taken courses in French.

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