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Briefly in Scenery: The Panels

Briefly in Scenery is a visual recollection of my time at university through paintings. Within small square panels, I paint specific moments during my university experience where I wanted to remember the exact way I felt. The squares retell moments of connections, changes, strong emotions, and routines. Each painted panel then becomes a part of the board game.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 11.52.25 AM.png

 How it started 

" Take a photo everytime you want to remember exactly how you felt at that moment "

In my first year of university, I made that promise to myself. Not wanting to forget the unnecessary and significant details of my time at university, I took a photo whenever I felt like there was a significant connection between me and the moment. Whether that was because of the people there, the prior events, or simply how I felt about the place itself,  I took a photo. 

During the lockdown, I began to paint these moments to commemorate them. 

With every painting I do, I feel as if I'm re-experiencing the moment and wanting to create more memories.

I took most of the photos on my phone, as they were unplanned. In a few cases, I had my camera with me. There are over 60 photos.

The Finished Panels

There are 85 panels, spread over 5 years. Most of these are on 5 by 5 wooden boards.

A few special panels have different shapes and sizes. They symbolize a particularly memorable time or event in the year. They are also a part of their own mini-series

The Planning + Thought Process

In 2021, I began working on a little sketchbook where I would breakdown my ideas for this project. I explain my process for it, as well as some of my panels, in this video:


The Sketchbook + Thought Process

A little look into the finished pages of the sketchbook! After I completed these, I had much more inspiration for the panels themselves.