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Sara Mizannojehdehi is a multimedia storyteller and artist who is passionate about using visual arts as a tool in research creation and journalism.


With five years of experience in project management, editorial work, and illustration, she's currently pursuing a master's degree in Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies. Her undergrad was in Media Production and Design at Carleton University. 

Using digital illustration, painting and 2D animation, Sara loves transforming people's words into visuals. Her self-taught background makes for a distinctive, detailed and eye-catching style that she carries regardless of the medium she uses. 

Throughout her artistic practice, Sara's attraction to belonging takes shape in pieces exploring connections to places and people within a routine life and how one can find belonging in being alone, with others, and in particular places. Recently, she has been exploring the connections between belonging, place and movement. Within her multimedia projects, she uses acrylic paint and animation to illustrate the different shapes belonging can take, allowing viewers to reflect on their own sense of feeling in place. 

A versatile creative, Sara was a research assistant, set designer and freelance illustrator during her undergrad. For over two years, Sara was the Graphics Editor at the Charlatan, Carleton's Independent Newspaper, where she wrote several articles alongside illustrations. During the pandemic, she joined the Company of Fools Theatre as a Production Assistant and animated their theatrical production. 

Currently, she's a graphics specialist and Scrum Master at the Canada Revenue Agency.

Beyond visual arts, Sara has experience with graphic design, video, photography, data storytelling, and audio. Alongside Media Production and Design, she completed a minor in German.

Through her work, Sara aims to create a feeling of belonging through storytelling. She finds herself the most passionate about exploring the junction of journalism, illustration, and digital media, and how it could cultivate belonging and civic engagement.


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