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The Boardgame

Multimedia Project 2022

Acrylic Paint, Procreate, InDesign, Written

The board game brings the different parts of "Briefly in Scenery" together in a non-traditional format: a simple board game. 
Unlike an actual game, the instructions here are abstract.

While you play, you get to explore the painted panels of Briefly in Scenery and tell your own story with them and other components.

The Board


The Idea:

When I started painting panels of significant moments in my five years of university, I wanted to find a unique way to display them. 

I created a board game-style story, where I would attach a short piece of writing behind each panel. When someone rolled the dice, they would move forward on the board and "collect" the wooden panel. 

With the writing attached to the paintings, they could piece together their own university story from the game.

Each time a player would take a panel out, another one would be added in until there were no more panels.

With time, I made a few alterations to the game. 

Firstly, instead of dice, there would be a wheel that would give you an adjective. You would then select the panel that best matched your adjective. In this way, the game would have more freedom, just like the university.

The panels themselves would also lead to a page in a zine instead of having text on the back. In that way, it would again allow for more creativity with the player creating their own story, while also getting a chance to read mine.



Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 9.13.31 AM.png

The Process

Though I've worked on this for over two years now, the game is still a work in progress.


While creating the table, I wanted to emphasize the symbols used in other parts of the project.

Hover to see even more symbolism!

The Wheel Completed

The Wheel: Progress

The wheel came together relatively quickly. 

Originally, I wanted to create a phenakistoscope, but I realized that it wouldn't work for the purposes of my game. 

A phenakistoscope is one of the first animation devices that used a spinning wheel and small slits to create the effect of movement

As I had already made eight circular cuts with a drill, I decided to use them as a part of the wheel in the game. 

I wanted the wheel to have a similar colour scheme to the table, but more neutral, so it would act as an in-between to the panels.

On the wheel, I've painted out the Ottawa region with a person walking around it.

The zine has one piece of writing per panel. Some panels have a longer story attached, others are short poems, and some are comic retellings. 

As many of these pieces are works in progress, they're not presented here.

 I turned the first piece from the zine into the basis of the Briefly in Scenery animation.

As I complete and edit the zine, I'll post snippets here!

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