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Briefly In Scenery

Briefly in Scenery is a multimedia storytelling project visually retelling my time at university.

Through different media, I explore being alone, connections to Ottawa and people, and the experience of being an undergraduate.

The Project is divided into three parts:

Untitled_Artwork 435.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 10.48_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 432.png

The Panels

The Board Game and the Story

The Short Film

As I was a traditional artist before I was a digital one, I go back to my roots for the majority of this project.

Within Briefly in Scenery, I work in animation, writing, drawing, and painting, and potentially more. 

The board game brings the different parts of "Briefly in Scenery" together in a non-traditional format: a simple board game. Unlike an actual game, the instructions here are abstract.

Does anyone like being alone? In her first year of university, that’s the Student’s biggest question.

It's not until something strange happens that she begins appreciating solitude...

Within small square panels, I paint specific moments during my university experience where I wanted to remember the exact way I felt. Within small panels, I retell moments of connections, changes, strong emotions, and routines.

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