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Briefly In Scenery

The Short Film

2022, Procreate, Premiere Pro, Illustrator

Does anyone like being alone? In her first year of university, that’s the Student’s biggest question. In a society that thrives on being social, the Student comes face to face with being alone, and she detests it. It‘s not until she realizes that being alone unleashes a magical other world made of the scenery surrounding her that she begins enjoying it. Can she stay there forever? Would she even want to?

The Short Film

The Posters

To explore poster design, I made five posters for my short film. Each of them explored a different aspect of the film.

The Idea:

The titular and nameless Student follows a five-part narrative arc. She begins her journey very lonely going from place to place around her school. No one can see Student‘s face as she has a cloud of leaves surrounding her face (exposition).


On a walk home, she discovers that when she’s alone, she can transform into the scenery around her with the cloud on her head (rising action).

As she explores her powers, she realizes that her loneliness disappears when she’s with the scenery (climax).


Suddenly, she sees three people “breaking” the magical world she had made her own. She chooses to leave the comfort of the scenery, reforming the cloud around her head, to talk to the three people (falling action).


As she chats, the cloud dissolves, and for the first time, we see her face. The final frame shows that the scenery lives on, but so does life without it (Resolution).


The storyline is simple: being alone and being social are balancing acts; you have to have both. The style of the story is inspired by my paintings, so the format of the story is half animated and half filmed. 


briefly in Scenery.png

The Process

This animation took three months to create. In September, I did my initial planning. In October, I filmed, and in November, I finished the animation and final film.


While creating the film, an element I consistently focused on was symbolism. I repeated several visual motifs and locations within the film in order to tie them to the other parts of the "Briefly in Scenery" project. Moreover, these symbols meant a lot to me.

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