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Multidisciplinary Illustration

Projects and personal work from 2017 to now.

Media Used: Procreate, Illustrator, Canon Camera, Acrylic Paint, Pen

Untitled_Artwork 406.png

What is Voice?

What is my voice? I explore my perspective, attitude and tone in a short comic.

2020-05-14 11.45.48 1.jpg

Traditional Work

My work in traditional media consists of pen, acrylic paint and watercolour.


The Ideal Winter Walk

What does the ideal winter walk look like to you? In 2021, I asked my friends that question.



I've kept sketchbooks for more than half of my life. These are some of my pages from 2020 to now

Untitled_Artwork (12).png

Digital Work

These are digital pieces I've done for fun on my own time.

Digital Work: Selected Work
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