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Orientation Canada

Term Project 2018

Orientation to me means a hand to hold as you
 change paradigms. One of the biggest changes one can make in their life is
immigrating. However, there's no official “orientation” for that. It's kind of expected that you'll find
your lay of the land. The Government of Canada's Immigration and Citizenship website will offer
you facts and critical information but , it doesn't always provide the best sense of realism. Real
human experience in the process of immigration and post immigration is something the
Government Website lacks in, and my project “ Orientation Canada” hopes to fill that gap.
Orientation Canada is simple. It is video diaries of people who have actually moved to Canada,
and their experiences. These video diaries follow their “character” from before immigration to
moving to Canada to getting used to it. Relying on the relatability and intimacy of a video, the
diaries attempt to be the friend or helpful advice a new immigrant seeks when moving to
Canada. Although these videos are not “real” people, they are previous immigrants and their
stories are completely based on actual immigration experienced.
The diaries are provided based on type of immigration and country. The 4 types of immigration
I'm considering is “Couples /Newlyweds, Families, Workers, and Students”
The videos are available in the mother tongue of the country and English. However , the website
doesn't want its sole focus to be the individuality of each country. Videos are also available by
topic. In these videos there are subtitles for other languages provided.
When looking to move to a new country, people often ask their relatives who live abroad “ How
is Life there?”. The honest answer to this question is not the series of facts you need before or
after immigration. It is details of day to day life in a new country which are often skimmed over.
These diaries use the affordances of video: the personal touch, the fact which they can be
filmed with almost any form of mobile or computer technology, and visuals to create diary
entries which are equally real as they are appealing to a watcher.

Orientation Canada (Final Term Project): Projects
Orientation Canada (Final Term Project): Selected Work
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