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Tehranrto: A Subway Navigation App.


 This is a mock up of a travel planner done for class. The intention is simple: it helps the user get from one side of town to the other. The user can enter an address, and the app will figure out what station the user needs to get to. It also highlights the route the user must take.  The need for this is crucial for someone who doesn’t live in Tehran; if someone needs to go to an address, they would have no idea what station corresponds with it. Speaking based on experience, every year that I’ve gone to Iran I’ve lived at the same address for three weeks. It was only this year that I’ve figured out my “home” station is Meydan-e Jahan.  Currently, no apps provide one straightforward method to get from an address to another by metro. Moreover, they do not point out where the user needs to walk in their journey; the apps are completely based on getting from station to station. Knowing how to go to, and from a station is incredibly important,especially for someone who’s visiting. Considering you can’t download Iranian street maps from Google Maps, a visitor who does not have data would not be able to figure out the directions they must go.

This app adds a personal touch to the "travel planner"; It’s a tour guide. It holds the user’s hand as they get used to Tehran’s subway system. For the solo traveler and the new resident,  this app is the acquaintance they don’t have in a brand-new city; it colors in Tehran with details: the best places to go, the hidden gems and more.  It sits with you on a busy metro, telling you when to get off, or simply just being there in case you suddenly feel lost. With the game feature, the app becomes the user's teacher; it slowly weans them off looking at every map, and turns them into tour guides of their own. 

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Tehranrto: A Subway Navigation App.: Selected Work
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