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January 2020 - April 2020

Procreate, Illustrator, ESRI Story maps

"Through the Doors" is a multimedia project about the life of Jordi Bonet from his start as an artist, his emigration to Canada, his rise in Quebec, and his progression through the world of art. It consists of a documentary, illustrations, and writing retelling Bonet's life.  It was created by Julia Robinson, Liam Arp, Ben Simmonds, and myself for the course "Basics of Visual Communication". This piece was made in collaboration with the National Arts Centre, the Carleton Immersive Media Studio and Carleton University's Media Production and Design Program.


Through the Doors

Timeline of the Project

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

  • Chose an artwork to create a project from

  • Visited the National Arts Centre

  • Visited the National Art Centre archives

  • Worked on animation

  • Worked on postcards

  • Had weekly group meetings

  • Worked on animation

  • Worked on postcards

  • Created Proposal

  • Filmed footage at the National Arts Centre

  • Finished animation and documentary

  • Finished postcards

  • Created StoryMapJS to display postcards

  • Revised the entire project to become digital

Salon Doors.png

Within this project in our Visual Communications course, our team, consisting of Liam Arp, Julia Robinson, Ben Simmonds and I, worked to design a digital narrative about the artwork at the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa. In collaboration with the Carleton Immersive Media Studio and the NAC, we created a digital story that brought together the past, present and future of the NAC.


Each group got assigned an artwork. Ours was "The Salon Doors" by Jordi Bonet. In our research, we discovered that Bonet led a very fascinating life, so we chose to concentrate our project on Bonet's influence on art as well as his story. Within our group, we had a mix of skills; the three we focused on were videography, animation, and illustrative storytelling.

We created a documentary that combined video and animation and a set of postcards that told the story of Jordi Bonet and how Bonet connected to the NAC.

Within this page, I'll be concentrating mainly on the animation and illustrations. 

Logo by Ben Simmonds

The Documentary

When we both completed our animations, I compiled them together on Premiere Pro.

We sent the animation over to Liam Arp and Ben Simmonds, and they brought it together with their video documentary and created a voice-over.



Julia Robinson and I collaborated on the animation. She created the foreground and designed the character of Jordi Bonet. I used the patterns within "The Salon Doors" to design the appropriate setting for her characters.

Initial Pattern Ideas

Backgrounds inspired by "Salon Doors"

To set the scene of the animation in the National Arts Centre, I used the doors as inspiration when creating the setting of Bonet's life. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 8.48.29 PM.png

The Postcards

When we created the postcards, Julia illustrated the characters, Ben wrote Jordi Bonet's story, and I researched, created the postcards and compiled them on StoryMapsJS.

The Postcard Process

At first, the postcards were going to be promotional materials that we would distribute to promote the art at the National Arts Centre. They would highlight elements of Jordi's story.

When the pandemic happened, we revised our plan: the postcards would now be a traditional and more personal retelling of Jordi's story, following him across the different countries he lived in and his life events.

The creation of the postcards was a fascinating experience. In our research, we discovered that Jordi Bonet actually wrote postcards and sent postcards!

The Postcards

To read the postcards, please visit the Through the Doors website!

The Story Map

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