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Featured Projects



Briefly in Scenery

2020 - 

Personal Project

Briefly in Scenery is a multimedia storytelling project visually retelling my time at university.

Through different media, I explore being alone, connections to Ottawa and people, and the experience of being an undergraduate.


Mistrust and Healthcare

Mistrust and Healthcare is a project exploring various aspects of Canadian healthcare and how the public is losing trust in the system. It explores the treatment of Indigenous peoples, wait times, international healthcare systems compared to Canada, and potential solutions.

Winter - Spring 2022

Research-Creation Project

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 3.57.51 PM.png



Negotiating Digital Space

Summer 2022

Graphic Design and Illustration Project

My classmate and digital artist, Julia Robinson and I, designed posters and graphical elements for a series of webinars called “Negotiating Digital Space for Culturally Significant Storytelling“ 

hosted by the Canadian Centre for Mindful Habitats.


Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 6.04.27 PM.png

Bus 2122

Winter 2022

Unity, Blender, and Illustration Project

Bus 2122 is an interactive storytelling project set in Unity. With my first project using Blender, 3D Textures and Unity, I tell the story of a girl who gets abducted by time-travelling aliens on a bus. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 3.52.57 PM.png


Through the Doors

Winter - Spring 2020

Multimedia Project

"Through the Doors" is a multimedia project about the life of Jordi Bonet from his start as an artist, his emigration to Canada, his rise in Quebec, and his progression through the world of art. It consists of a documentary, illustrations, and writing retelling Bonet's life.  It was created by Julia Robinson, Liam Arp, Ben Simmonds, and myself for the course "Basics of Visual Communication". This piece was made in collaboration with the National Arts Centre, the Carleton Immersive Media Studio and Carleton University's Media Production and Design Program.


Instagram is destroying the Creative Artist

Winter 2022

Animation and Video Project

For my media law class, I created a response piece to the problematic Instagram algorithm.




Illustration Project

Summer - Fall 2021

In August, I took a solo trip to Toronto. It was the first trip I did entirely on my own. I wanted to record everything to keep track of how I felt during this expedition. I sewed together a sketchbook to take with me and took photos of everything I wanted to remember.

Projects from 2018-2020 


Limitless Ceilings

Short Graphic Novel

Fall 2020

Limitless Ceilings is a short-graphic novel that dives into a boy's journey of dealing with the end of the world as he grows up in uncertainty. Focusing on themes of love and family, the story bases itself on how fear can change the way we communicate and how we call cope differently when facing our ends. Artistically, this graphic novel takes an unconventional multi-media approach to display the rawest emotions it can visually.


 6th Floor Archives

Multimedia Project

Fall 2019

The “6th Floor Archives” is an illustrative reportage-style novel about my home in Iran and living away from family. It explores family dynamics, living in Tehran, and a trip I took to Isfahan. This project is currently on hiatus. 


The Evolution of a Star:

Multimedia Project

Fall 2019

In the past 40 years, the standards of a postar have evolved drastically
To understand how fans can relate to an artist, we're going to be looking at the fanbase of two artists. These artists, one from 1979 and the other from 2019, have kept their fans for a long time. We're going to break down the evolution of their fanbases; what’s relevant to them in 2019, and what was relevant to them in 1979?


The Battle Between the Heart and the Head

360 Photo and Illustration Project

Fall 2019

She has an assignment due. She has a party to go to. Will she listen to her Heart or her Head?

In this series, I took photos with the Insta 360 Camera and drew over them on Procreate and Photoshop.


Nothing Happens

Illustration Project

Fall 2019

A visual interpretation of the album Nothing Happens by the band Wallows.



Design Project

Fall 2019

Within this project, I retell the tale of Rumpelstiltskin (abridged) using only shapes, as Molly Bang did with Little Red Riding Hood in How Pictures Work. The original is by Fischart (the 1600s) or the Brothers Grimm (1812) and originated in Germany.


Let's Fly: Museum of Nature Prototype

Digital Project

Fall 2019

As our final first year project, we created a prototype of a game which would allow users to take the role of a bird, and migrate. We used four birds and focused primarily on the grackle.


Hunchback of Notre Dame

Theatre Project

Fall 2019

I designed the set for the Carleton Musical Theater Society's production of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Alongside a team, I helped build the set, and I painted it. 

20180530185953_IMG_2093 - Copy.JPG

Situational Friends

Mural and Photography Project

Spring 2018

When people are solo and stuck in an enclosed public space for a long period of time, they attempt to distance themselves from loneliness by trying to find someone to relate to and become distracted with. Awkwardness and formality are exchanged for two-dimensional conversations; no depth is present, but there is...

This mural explores connections one makes on public transportation and the lack of intimacy in a crowd.

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