Personal Projects

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With the scenery

A Personal Project (2020-)

“With the Scenery” revolves around my personal journey through growing up and molding into adulthood during my years of university. It's modelled as a board game but tells a set of stories.  Each square of the board game tells one ritual or one specific event that was a part of growing into myself.

Below, I record the progress of the game. The squares will be displayed in "Traditional Art" until the project reaches completion



A Personal Project (2021)

In August, I took a solo trip to Toronto. It was the first trip I did entirely on my own. I wanted to record everytihng as to keep track of how I felt during this expedition. I sewed together a sketchbook to take with me and recorded everything.




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Mistrust and Healthcare

Mistrust and Healthcare is a project exploring various aspects of Canada's healthcare system.


The 6th Floor Archives


I’m currently working on a project called “The 6th Floor Archives”, an illustrative reportage style novel about my home of Iran and living away from family. It explores family dynamics and living in Tehran.



Limitless Ceilings

Trigger Warning: Fictional mentions of enviromental disasters and the world ending

Limitless Ceilings is a short-graphic novel that dives into a boy's journey of dealing wth the end of the world as he grows up in uncertainity. Focusing on themes of love and family, the story bases itself around how fear can change the way we communicate and how we call cope differently when facing our ends. Artistically, this graphic novel takes an unconventional multi-media approach to display the rawest emotions it can visually.

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Through the Doors


Through the Doors is a multi-media project that explores the large metallic doors of the National Art Centre (NAC) in Ottawa, Ontario. It delves into the life of the artist who created these doors, Jordi Bonet. This project done in my third year of university features animation, illustration and videography.  This was a collboative project and the background animations as well as the landscape illustrations, postcards, and timeline are all done by me.


The Evolution of a Star:


In the past 40 years, the standards of a postar have evolved drastically
To understand how fans can relate to an artist, we're going to be looking at the fanbase of two artists. These artists, one from 1979 and the other from 2019, have kept their fans for a long time. We're going to break down the evolution of their fanbases; what’s relevant to them in 2019, and what was relevant to them in 1979?


Nothing Happens


A visual interpretation of the album Nothing Happens by Wallows.

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Situational Friends


When people are solo and stuck in an enclosed public space for a long period of time, they attempt to distance themselves from loneliness by trying to find someone to relate to and become distracted with. Awkwardness and formality are exchanged for two dimensional conversations; no depth is present, but there is


Tehranrto: A Subway Navigation App.


With this app, my purpose is to make the metro comprehensible to the tourist, the visiting Iranian, and the newcomer . With everything in one centralized location, the user is able to become fluent in “metro”. In a sense, they will become familiar with all stops, and all routes. Additionally, they will gain a knowledge of Tehran as a whole, which will allow them to navigate it better in the future.


Orientation Canada


Orientation Canada is my attempt to tell new immigrants/ those thinking about immigrating the story of immigration versus simply explaining it. Through these video diaries, the viewer would learn about the necessitates needed to live in Canada through what would feel like a mini-series, instead of reading about them. The video diaries would go through the life of someone who had just moved to Canada. The character would go through the most common changes and challenges one has to deal with when moving to Canada.




Here, I try to retell the tale of Rumpelstiltskin (abridged). The original is by Fischart (1600s) or the Brother’s Grimm (1812) and originated in Germany.

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A Eukaryotic Queen


In my piece, I attempt to show that all of us hold ourselves to slightly higher standards, as if we are royalty. This is not necessarily a flaw, as it is a form of self care; we want the best for us.

Concurrently, the other aspect of my piece is to display the irony of royalty, and other forms of higher government through humans.


Hunchback of Notre Dame


I designed the set for the Carleton Musical Theater Society's production of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Alongside a team, I helped build the set, and I painted it. 


Let's Fly: Museum of Nature Prototype


As our final course project, we created a prototype of a game which would allow users to take the role of a bird, and migrate. We used four birds, and focused primarily on the grackle.


The Battle Between the Heart and the Head


She has an assignment due. She has a party to go to. Will she listen to her Heart or her Head?